‘Little Frock with Benefits’

‘Little Frock with Benefits’

I feel blessed to have such an amazing Community of CADARRA followers who love my ‘Little Frock with Benefits’ as much as I do.

I wanted to check in to see how you are coping with social distancing and self-isolation?

It’s interesting how we as humans adapt to change.  How we deal with things that are ‘thrown our way’ is a good way to test our coping mechanisms.

I for one have found being in isolation has provoked thoughts about what my life is all about and how best I should prioritise my life goals going forward.

I have to admit that over the years my more rebellious side is coming discreetly to the forefront of my every day. I guess this is because as we age, we know we may run out of time to do all that we plan to do.

Wasting time on conforming to what is expected is something I frankly have no time for. The same applies to negativity. Who needs it?

Those who give off negative and judgmental vibes should not be in our lives.
Subtly distance yourself from those who bring you down.

If you were able to make a statement from the grave I’m sure it would not include gratitude to those who were your worst critics, more a heartfelt thanks for those who loved you as you are and shared your love for life until the end.

This is my 56th year of doing what I love…. working with passion to create and develop projects and see them through to fruition.
I’ve had my critics but those who criticise usually do so from a place foreign to me.  ‘Judgemental Land’.

As you know since 2012 CADARRA has been my passion.   Your love and support of the uniqueness of CADARRA, its styling versatility, comfort and easy-care qualities are what encourages me in my quest to spread CADARRA love.  2020 is CADARRA’s year to shine ... watch this space!

This email is a big shout out to you the CADARRA Community for sharing the love of the Fashion Styling of CADARRA.  For your ongoing support, I say a big
Please take care, keep safe and healthy and I will be back in touch again soon Love  Patsy xx
For all your fashion needs….CADARRA is the Answer!

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